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Mid March updates

Well March Madness may be on peoples mind right now and that is great, because its kind of going on here too. Lots of new firearms arriving almost daily and the new Michigan Regulations have people concerned. We can help guide you through all that and show you some super new products. Plus, we don't make you sign for ammo purchases!

New weapons!

Terry just returned from one of our biggest buying shows! And guess what? New products are following him home. A fresh order just arrived today and from the shipping notices more stuff is on the way. Stop in and take a look! Don't forget we still do layaway's!

End of January??

Not sure where this month disappeared to but as I write this it is all but gone! The odd winter weather and the scurrying of year stuff here at the store, well it's gone. The good news is February is our show season so new stuff is shortly on its way. If you are looking for something new, let us know and we are happy to check on stuff at our shows. Hope your year is off to a good start.