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Hunting Season's

With hunting seasons in full swing and the firearm deer season just around the corner, we can help. We have scopes, bino's, ammo, firearms and of course licenses. Brian and Terry have been doing this for years. We can help guide you on the proper selection of whatever you need. Stop in and see us!

Henry lever 22's

Just arrived Henry lever action 22LR's. Also new Ruger 10/22's. Plus we have lots of 22 ammo to go with the guns (or separately).

We do have AMMO

Regardless of what you hear out there. There is ammunition to be had! We are getting ammo about twice a week. Not everything we want but its way better than a year or 6 months ago. Lots of deer calibers here and arriving with current orders.

Buck Knives

A fresh batch of Buck knives have just arrived. Just in time for the great fall seasons we live for here in the UP. Hunting knives, Carry knives and traditional pocket knives. We can help!!

AR pieces and parts

Fresh batch of Anderson AR stuff. AR10 (308) stripped and complete lowers, Oops kits, crush washers, Ambi end pieces, Gas blocks and more.